Best Laid Plans

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A jetliner disappears after a pilot’s scheme goes awry, and the world must forever wonder what happened — until now.

An aviation psychologist, Dr. Diehl explains what could have occurred when a patriotic Malaysia Airlines captain decided to expose political abuses by hijacking his jet and broadcasting a manifesto. He then expected political asylum after landing at an American base in the Indian Ocean. Did things possibly go wrong when a fire broke out forcing a flight attendant to take charge? This novella details a potential scenario based on the author’s forensic skills developed over decades of conducting crash investigations.

Dr. Diehl was a design engineer for two aircraft manufacturers. He holds an air transport pilot license and spent thirty years with the National Transportation Safety Board, Federal Aviation Administration, and Pentagon. Diehl is the author of Air Safety Investigators: Using Science to Save Lives – One Crash at a Time. He has received numerous awards and repeatedly exposed government cover-ups while consulting with law firms and the media.

Now, on the 10th anniversary of the aircraft’s disappearance, FOX News interviewed Dr. Diehl on his hypothesis.   Click here to see the interview.

Best Laid Plans is available in print or ebook through Amazon. 

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