His experience gained while working for the National Safety Transportation Board, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Air Force, and Navy gave Dr. Diehl insights that news organizations have often sought to enhance their coverage. Here are links to several of them along with screenshots from a couple of the programs.


EXPRESS NEWSPAPER, UK. Interviews with Clive Hammond on the Cuban Missile Crisis.


FOX, News Sunday: (Interviewed by Chris Wallace)

BBC, Witness History: (Interview by Rebecca Kesby) n

PBS, News Hour: (Op-ed Article by the author)

USA Today: (Interviewed by Bart Jansen)

CNN, State of the Union: (Interviewed by Dana Bash)

Time: (Interviewed by Mark Thompson)

New York Magazine: (Interviewed by Caroline Bankoff)

CNN State of the Union

BBC Radio Program on Machel African Crash

CNN Malaysia Airlines 777 disappearance

USA Today Airasia Airbus Crash

Time Magazine USAF Tanker crash in Kyrgyzstan

PBS Op-Ed on Malaysia Jetliner Shutdown the Ukraine

NY Magazine  Intelligencer of Malaysia Jetliner Shdown in the Ukraine

MSNBC Interview on Taipei takeoff accident