Kidnap Marilyn


 Did she really need to die?

Alan E. Diehl’s award winning debut novel describes what could and should have happened to the icon. It is based on his work with CIA operatives and an interview with an FBI agent that knew RFK.

The CIA psychologist assigned to spy on her uncovers the Deep State’s assassination plot and goes rogue. He then discovers that an erstwhile Marilyn impersonator had just died of a drug overdose and stages a daring body swap. During their escape attempt, Mitchell must employ all of his ‘secret agent’ skills to outsmart her would-be assassins while treating Monroe’s mental problems and resisting the lady’s amorous overtures.

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Marilyn Monroe’s tragic story still intrigues those concerned with truth and justice. Many have speculated about her fate, often rejecting the coroner’s finding of suicide. Various theories proffered include accidental drug overdose and murder by the FBI, KGB, etc. It has even been claimed she was secretly sequestered in a distant mental institution. The scenario described in this book is far more plausible and explores our government’s role in this epic mystery. This then is what could, and more importantly, should have happened.

The CIA and FBI’s surveillance of the actress initially occurred because of her support for left-wing causes. America was then in the throes of the Cold War, so the government routinely conducted unauthorized wiretaps, break-ins, sabotage, and, on occasion, even assassinations.  The CIA also secretly used their MK-Ultra mind-control techniques on unwilling subjects.

Marilyn’s romantic involvement with John and Robert Kennedy prompted additional surveillance. Both government organizations bugged her house and phones, and their agents constantly tailed her. Realizing this, she became increasingly paranoid. Agents then discovered that the Kennedy brothers had disclosed top-secret information during their affair. After she discussed those details with friends, Marilyn became a major security risk. So, when she threatened to publicly divulge such classified information to prove her failed affair with the Kennedys, some CIA officials began to rationalize her assassination was warranted. But they did not have to kill her, because their MK-Ultra techniques could have ‘erased’ her memories of the secret.


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Marilyn and MK-Ultra

The Daring Scheme to Save Her

Dr. Alan E. Diehl

“As a former U.S. government investigator, I witnessed the workings of the Deep State. I also interviewed a senior member of J. Edgar Hoover’s staff. But to avoid becoming a whistleblower again, I decided to present this information in a novel. Another motivation was my wife who observed women in Hollywood becoming victims of powerful men before it was popular or even possible to discuss MeToo situations. Finally, a long-standing interest in the facts surrounding Marilyn’s mysterious last days convinced me to write this book.”



John J. Nance, New York Times best-selling author says:

“A fast, exciting, and thought-provoking read. Dr. Alan Diehl has cleverly crafted the known elements of Marilyn Monroe’s reported demise with a second and third layer of probability that suggests a very different conclusion. This is a tightly woven tale of intrigue by a master of accident forensics, and one you will not want to put down, even at 3 AM.”


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